How we make sustainable futures

At Vanhees Metalen, we combine expertise with durability.

Not only to contribute to a greener planet, but also to meet the specific needs of our customers. From collecting scrap metal to supplying high-quality new metals, discover our approach.


Collection of scrap metal

  • Metals are delivered to our sites in Lommel, Mol and Herentals.
  • We place containers at customers’ premises on request. If they are full, they are exchanged within 48 hours.
  • Private individuals can drop by without an appointment, similar to a visit to the container park.


  • Incoming scrap metal is accurately weighed.
  • The scrap is sorted by metal type and unloaded at the right place.
  • Depending on the type of metal product, the processing needed to recycle the material is considered.


  • New metals such as sheets, profiles, tubes and tubes are available at our Mol location.
  • Customers can place specific orders and request a quotation. Materials can be collected on the agreed day.