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At these metal processing sites, we forge your redundant ferrous and nonferrous metal into reusable raw materials. This is how we give your scrap metals a new life.
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Processing old metals


General conditions of acceptance and purchase

Unless expressly agreed otherwise, Vanhees Metalen only buys metals under conditions, as formulated below.

The metals purchased will always be transported at the seller’s risk, unless otherwise agreed. Containers are always placed under the responsibility of the client and may only be used for loading metals. These goods must be free of contamination.

If different grades are mixed, the purchase price of the entire delivery will be reduced to the rate of the lowest grade. Unless otherwise agreed in advance.

The materials supplied will be accepted only if they are free of interfering materials such as:

asbestos and materials containing asbestos
toxic and explosive materials
radioactive substances
all PCB containing electronic components such as capacitors
If sorting reveals, that a contamination is found, the supplier is liable and must pay the costs.

If the metals are contaminated, the amount of the contaminated material will be deducted from the total weight. The contamination will be removed by Vanhees Metalen nv to the dumpsite provided for that purpose, at the seller’s expense. Rejected goods will be returned at the expense of the customer.


Processing in our facilities

Depollution center for car wrecks
Vanhees Metalen is a Febelauto approved depollution center for end-of-life vehicles. The extraction of all fluids such as oils, fuels and the removal of the battery, oil filter, tires and glass prepares the vehicle for grinding in the shredding plant.

Shearing plant
With this installation, pure metals are reduced to a furnace-ready product at Vanhees Metalen. The shearing plant reduces all pure scrap metal to furnace-ready lengths. These materials are cut to lengths of up to 1m at a capacity of 30 tons per hour. The end product is destined for Belgian smelters as well as for export.

Shredder installation
The shredder installation grinds mixed metals, car wrecks, tinplate and container park scrap into pure secondary raw materials for the Belgian and international metal industry. Our shredder plant has a capacity of 250 tons/day.


Container service for industrial customers

For the collection of scrap metal waste, Vanhees Metalen places containers on location. This both at companies, in container parks, and at private individuals.

Our drivers also have the ADR certificate for collecting lead-acid batteries. We have different container types at our disposal: 2.5m³ – 15m³ – 30m³ – 40m³.

What can Vanhees Metalen offer you:

Free placement for larger quantities
Fast delivery and collection of the containers
Prompt payment at best market prices
Free advice
In this way we create a win-win situation.You are rid of your scrap metal at the best price and we can get to work on the recycling process.

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