Vanhees Metalen from Mol nominated for Voka Entrepreneurship Prize 2023

March 14, 2024

Voka Vanhees

Vanhees Metalen has won the Voka Local Award for the Kempen East region. The Mol-based metal processor has grown into a fully-fledged recycling company and is competing for the Voka Prize for Entrepreneurship 2023 in the autumn.

Members of the local Voka Kempen East division have named Vanhees Metalen as the winner of the Voka Local award. The Mol-based metal processor of old F16s and army tanks, among other things, has grown into a full-fledged recycling company. ‘In 2006, we processed around 60,000 tonnes of old metals a year,’ says Jo Vanhees, the fifth generation within the family business. ‘Now we are at 120,000 tonnes and we want to continue to grow healthily. We have also grown into a full-fledged recycling company, with a focus on old metals. We do everything: from collecting old metals to fully processing them. We also turn them into new raw materials. This allows us to further supply steel and metal mills.’

From 1 June, anyone can vote for their favourite company on the Voka website. A professional jury will make the final decision and the grand winner of the Entrepreneurship Award 2023 will be announced on 28 September.

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